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GoPeople's standard Contactless delivery process

Here is the standard procedure to make a successful Contactless delivery. These are designed to ensure a smooth delivery experience for yourself as well as the customers.

  1. Arrive at the drop-off location.
  2. Find parking and park your vehicle properly.
  3. Take the delivery out of your vehicle, and walk to the recipient's front door.
  4. Knock on the door or ring the bell.
  5. Place the goods on the floor. Stay away from the entrance for at least two meters and wait for the recipients to come out.
  6. Ask for the recipient's name and take a photo of the door number as proof. NO signature is required.
  7. If no one answers the door, ring the customer.
  8. If the customer doesn't answer, send the customer a friendly text message.
  9. If the customer still doesn't reply, ring the customer again in 5 minutes.
  10. If the customer still doesn't answer and if the job has the Authority to Leave (ATL), leave the goods in a safe place.
  11. Take a photo of the goods with the door number as proof.
  12. Take a photo of the street number in the comment, if it could not be included in the photo from step 11.
  13. If the job does not have the Authority to Leave (ATL) or is not safe to leave, contact the sender and start a return request.
  14. Follow the sender's instructions.
  15. If the sender does not answer, leave a comment to explain the situation, and try to call them again after 5 minutes. You can click the 'start waiting' button at this stage.
  16. Mark the delivery as non-deliverable if sender still does not answer in 5 minutes.
  17. Move on to your next stop.