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To view more details and pricing about GoSHIFT, please head to below page https://www.gopeople.com.au/goshift/

GoSHIFT allows you to hire a Runner for 3 hours or more and on-demand!

Q. How does it work?

GoSHIFT allows your business to offer a timeslot service to your customers. You can definite your own delivery window pretty much any time of the day, and it doesn't have to be every day.

Step 1: Create a shift (delivery window). This is your delivery window which can be communicated to your customers to set their expectations. Here is how to create a shift.

Note: if you are unsure about how many drivers you need. You can skip the last driver hiring step. You can get a quote for a run first and then decide how many drivers to hire. Here is how to get a quote for a run.

Step 2: Upload jobs one by one or via Bulk upload to the shift and run the grouping. Here is how to upload multiple jobs and run auto-grouping

Step 3: Hire drivers. If you have not hired enough drivers, go ahead and hire more drivers. Here is how to hire more Runners

Step 4: Assign a run to a driver. Once a driver is allocated to your shift, the last step you need to do is to assign the run to the driver. Driver may have a preference for areas, but it is optional. Here is how to assign a run to a driver

Step 5: If you wish to use GoPeople labels, it is recommended but not mandatory. With our labels, Runners can use the barcode scanner to scan for pick up and drop off. Here is how to print and use our labels.

Q. How long does it take GoPeople to find Runners for me?

It can take minutes to hours. Usually, it takes less and less time to find the right Runners. The system learns and matches the Runners that will be suitable for your shifts.

If it is your first shift, it usually takes longer. You can also expect a call from the support team to confirm all details and requirements before any Runners are allocated. This is to make sure all the expectations are going to be met.

Please use the "Hiring tier" as much as you can once you have had some experience with a driver. This will help the system to learn and fasten the hiring process.

Q. Can I choose Runners?

No, you cannot choose Runners. GoPeople is a 2-way selection system. Runners can choose who they wish to work for as well. 

It is helpful to use the "Hiring Tier". There are 5 tiers on which you can place the Runners that you have worked. The higher they are on the tier, the quicker they will receive notifications for your shifts. They have the opportunity to react to the notifications more than anyone else. If nothing is done, the notifications will be broadcasted to the following tiers and a broader Runner community.

You can also invite the Runners that you really like. Here is how to invite your favourite Runners to take your shifts

Q. What happens if GoPeople cannot find enough Runners?

First of all, we have a very very high success rate to make sure that we get the number of Runners you need. We hardly let our customers down on this.

Having said above, there are occasions that there are not enough Runners due to locations and time requirements. You will be kept in the loop on what is going on. Our support team will call you to discuss alternative options. Please keep your contact line open for calls.

If you are getting anxious, please feel free to use the live chat for support or call our support line. 

Also, an allocated Runner may cancel due to personal reasons. In those cases, the system will approve the Runners on the waiting list of your shift and broadcast your shift to the Runner community immediately. Rest assured, we will find out a backup Runner as soon as we can. 

It is FREE to cancel the shift if no Runner has been allocated.

Q. What happens if the Runners do not arrive on time?

Runners are required to arrive at the Shift starting time. They will lose merit points if they are late. Runners are also required to make contact with you and GoPeople support if they are going to be late.

You can check Runner’s live location within the member portal. Go to the Shift and click on "Manage jobs" button on the right-hand side to see the map view.

If a no show occurs, the support team will be notified and will find a backup Runner as soon as we can.

Q. How many deliveries can be made per shift?

Estimated Working Time (EWT) is a calculation GoPeople uses that define the time it would take to do the jobs in a Shift.

Currently, our data tells us that one Runner can usually make between 10 and 15 orders during a 3-hour Shift.

Obviously, the amount of deliveries a Runner can make in a certain time frame depends on a few geographical factors, like the address of the recipient and the difficulty of the delivery (a hospital is a harder place to deliver to than a suburban house, for instance).

On top of that, the weather and other extraordinary events (e.g. an accident blocking a bridge or narrow road) can also have an impact.

Therefore, it’s hard to give a general answer to this question as it all depends on the type of job. However, every Sender will be told the EWT for every Shift they do.


Estimated Working Time (EWT) is a calculation GoPeople uses, that defines the time it would take to complete all jobs in a run. It factors in elements like the total distance of all jobs, the number of pick-ups and drop-offs, and the difficulty of the drop-offs (e.g. hospitals are harder to deliver to than suburban houses).

Q. How much will it cost me?

The GoSHIFT model charges based on the estimated work time of the run. Our algorithm will work out how long the run will take based on the locations and the best-optimized sequence. The minimum is 3 hours if you booked a 3-4 hour Shift. If your run is under 3 hours, you are charged up to 3 hours, if it is over, it will be calculated on a pro-rata basis by minutes.

Q. What to do if the run is longer than the defined shift duration?

Overloading is the term GoPeople uses for those circumstances in which a Sender has suddenly received more jobs and would like to keep their GoSHIFT Runner on for more time, or if a Shift has become unexpectedly difficult to fulfil on time. If you book a 3-4 hour Shift and the EWT time is actually 4-5 hours (or more) we would recommend that you book another Shift to prevent the Runner from not completely all the Jobs on time.

Senders can overload a Runner as they book a Shift; or as they begin to upload Jobs. When the Runner is overloaded the Sender will see the Run’s total EWT so the Sender will be charged by the new EWT.

So for instance, if a Runner has been given an EWT of 3 hours to deliver 10 jobs, but a Sender receives 2 more jobs and wishes to add them to the Shift, the Runner could be overloaded which would extend the Shift. If, say, those 2 jobs added 30 minutes onto the Shift, the Sender would be charged for a 3 hour and 30 min long Shift.

A Long Distance or Out of Metro Levy may apply whether a Runner is overloaded or not.

Q. How is long distance levy calculated?

A long distance levy is to help Runners to cover additional fuel costs. It is charged when the run is over 55 km. It is charged at 50 cents (ex GST) per km for any additional km over the 55 km.

eg, if the run is 70 km in total, the levy will be 70 km - 65 km = 5 km x 50c = $2.50 (ex GST).

Q. How is out of metro levy calculated?

Out of metro levy is to help Runners get back to the metro area where most of the Runners live in.  It only applies when a delivery is going to a suburban area that is not listed as a metropolitan area with GoPeople. To view the metro area maps, click here. This levy is charged at 50 cents (ex GST) from the furthest out of the metro job to the centre of the CBD for any city, except for Sydney which is calculated from the centre of Sydney Olympic Park.

eg, if the furthest out of the metro job is 10 km from CBD or SOP, the levy will be 10 km x 50c = $5 (ex GST).

Q. How does CBD levy work?

CBD levies apply to all 5 capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth). CBD levies are designed for car shift Runners to pay for parking while making CBD deliveries. CBD levies do not apply to van shifts. CBD levy charges are defined as below

  1. Minimum levy is $18.18 ex GST, which covers up to 4 CBD drop-offs
  2. Every additional CBD drop-off is charged for $4.54 ex GST
  3. Maximum levy is $45.45 ex GST

If a normal car shift (without CBD) is booked, and the Runner was given CBD jobs, Runner has the right to reject the CBD jobs or accept the CBD jobs with automatic payments based on the above calculations.

If a CBD car shift is booked, and the Runner was not given any CBD jobs, the Runner is still entitled to the minimum CBD levy.

CBD postcodes in each city:

  • Sydney: 2000
  • Melbourne: 3000, 3006, 3008
  • Brisbane: 4000
  • Adeliade: 5000, 5006
  • Perth: 6000, 6004, 6005

Q. How does the van vehicle levy work?

If you need to hire a van or refrigerated van for your shift, it is charged at the base hourly rate plus a van levy for up to 24 hours. For more detailed information on the rate, please visit the GoSHIFT page