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GoVIP Service expections

To view more details and pricing about GoVIP, please head to the below page https://www.gopeople.com.au/govip/

GoPeople offers Senders supreme flexibility, accuracy and efficiency for all their courier needs, with our GoVIP service.

With GoPeople, Senders can have a parcel successfully delivered within the time frame selected* of booking a service.

This is because we don't use a depot system, so customers don't have to wait for us to sort their packages and fit delivery into our scheduling. When you make a booking, we assign one of our friendly and professional drivers (or as we call them, Runners) to transport your parcel.

If you need a delivery done before Close Of Business (COB), we can do it for you.

*We offer a premium service to have your order delivered within 1, 2 or 3 hours. We can do it within whatever time frame you select!


We can deliver whenever you need us to.

Need something delivered at a specific time, during the evening or after hours? We can do that too.

The advantage GoPeople has over its competitors is our mobility - both physically and technologically! Using our mobile app or our website, you can book a service at any time, and at any place. 

And our service, by its nature, adds an extra degree of flexibility as it gives clients more personal interaction. Instead of just a bit of small talk, by assigning you a Runner, you can have a more in-depth conversation (if you want to!) and relay any specific information to them.

Accuracy and Transparency

On top of that, our mobile app also offers Senders and Recipients the opportunity to track your Runner in real-time. And when your Recipient signs off on delivery, you'll be notified of Proof Of Delivery (POD) when it happens.


GoPeople has created its own state-of-the-art routing algorithm, to ensure that Runners complete their assigned deliveries in the fastest and most efficient way.