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Guide to completing an Australian Police Check

GoPeople works closely with Workpro to complete Runner's onboarding process and Australian Police Checks.

You will receive an email or text request to complete a Police Check OR you will be physically provided a Token and be provided with a web address to sign-in to complete the application.

Step 1: Login or Sign Up

If you are sent an email/text request, click on the link and ‘Login/Sign Up’.

If you are not yet registered for WorkPro, ‘sign up for an account’.

If you already have a WorkPro account, enter your existing Username OR ‘Continue with Google or Microsoft’.


When you have signed up and/or logged in, enter the single use Token and ‘Continue’.


Select ‘Background Checks’, and ‘Start’ the Police Check Application.


Step 2: Complete the Application

You need to provide:

  • Names, including previous names
  • Date and Country of Birth
  • Gender
  • Contact Information
  • 5 years of address history (if you have lived outside of Australia during this period, please include your international addresses)

Once all required information is correctly entered, a green tick will appear against the section, and will allow you to move to the ‘Next’ step.

Step 3: Provide Consent

Make sure you review the list of accepted identity documents so you can be ready to proceed.


Step 4: Consent – Review the Check Details

Ensure that you review and are comfortable with the information that is presented on this screen including the purpose of the check and the entities who will be able to see the check outcome.


Step 5: Consent – Upload Identity Documents

Select the identity document that you will be uploading from each drop-down list and upload a copy of your identity document against each category.

Note: the maximum file size is 5mb for each identity document. Acceptable file formats include .jpg or .pdf.

Your identity has been successfully uploaded when you see a green ‘tick’ against each individual upload field.

For non-Australian citizens: if you cannot provide any of the ‘Commencement of Identity Documents’ that are presented in the drop-down, you can complete a free Work Rights check using WorkPro’s integration with the Department of Home Affairs VEVO database. The result of the check will automatically attach your Visa information as your identity document and can be used in your application.

To do this, select ‘I’m not an Australian Citizen….’ as per the highlighted area below.


Step 6: Consent – Upload of Linkage of Identity & Sign the Consent Form

  • For the final part of the consenting process, you are required to:
  • take a ‘selfie’ with one of your government issued photo identity documents and upload it electronically sign the application.

Your Linkage of Identity will be used by WorkPro to confirm that you are who you state you are. This is part of WorkPro’s quality and compliance procedure prior to submitting the check to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) criminal database.

Note: Your Linkage of Identity document will be declined if:

  • You do not include your face in the photo (for the purpose of linking you to your ID)
  • You are not holding government issued photo ID
  • Your face or the details on your photo ID are not clearly visible

Step 7: Provide an email for WorkPro to notify you of the presence of any Disclosable Court outcomes, read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions, and electronically sign the form before you can ‘Submit Check’.


Note: The police check status will be updated to ‘In Progress’ on your candidate profile. Once the check is finalised, you will be notified and able to access a copy of the result from your digital profile for up to 12 months from completion.

If there are any issues with your application, it will be declined with the item(s) that need to be amended before the check is submitted to ACIC for processing.

Hints and Tips

  • You are required to enter at least 5 years of address history (can include overseas addresses)
  • If the ‘Next’ or ‘Submit Check’ button does not turn blue then there is still further information required
  • If there is missing required information, the outline of the field will be shaded red
  • Around 80% of checks will have an outcome in minutes once ACIC have received the check:
    • DCO: Disclosable Court Outcome
    • NDCO: No Disclosable Court Outcome
  • Around 20% of checks may have a potential match. These checks require manual processing which can take longer than 15 business days due to complexity of the check e.g. Referred
  • If you do not see a green tick when uploading documents, you may need to resize the identity document so that the files size is reduced to be 5MB
  • E-signatures are to be as accurate as possible, but understand there are limitations. You are required to sign in the same format e.g. if your normal signature is John Sample, you must sign as John Sample, not just an initial. Depending on what device you are using, an E-signature may be created using your finger on a touch screen, a stylus, the mouse or whilst holding down the left button and signing via the touchpad.