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Guide to signing up and logging into WorkPro

GoPeople work closely with Workpro to complete Runner's onboarding process.  

If you have not used WorkPro before, you will need to create an account to complete your tasks. If you have previously used WorkPro, use the same login credentials you used to sign up.

Step 1: Login or Sign Up

If you are sent an email/text request, click on the link in the email OR go to www.workpro.com.au, ‘Login/Sign Up’ and choose the Country/Region (AUS or NZ). If you are not yet registered for WorkPro, ‘sign up for an account’.

If you already have a WorkPro account, enter your existing Username and ‘Continue’ where you will be prompted to enter your password OR ‘Continue with Google or Microsoft’.

Please note, that you must use the same email address for both Workpro and GoPeople to successfully complete the steps.


Note: If you have used WorkPro before but cannot remember your login details and need to reset your password, you will need to know your username first. Please use the ‘Forgot your username?’ function and when prompted, enter your email address or mobile phone number provided when you registered to receive your username.

Sign up for an Account:

You will need an email address to create a WorkPro profile.

Enter your email address, create and confirm your own password, complete the CAPTCHA on the screen, and select ‘Next’

Note: if your passwords to not match, or you fail to complete the CAPTCHA on the screen, the ‘Next’ button will remain greyed out and you cannot proceed.


You will then be prompted to enter your Legal name, as ‘First Name’ and ‘Surname’ as it appears on your ID. Do not use your nickname or abbreviations as this is how your name will display by default on any Background Checks or eLearning Verification certificates your recruiter or employer may require of you.

Confirm your email address and provide your mobile phone number to ensure you receive notifications of any future requests or reminders and select ‘Next’ to review your details and create a WorkPro account.


Login Using Your Microsoft or Google account:

You will need to Sign Up for an Account following the steps above before you can login with Microsoft or Google. The Sign Up process gathers important information such as your Legal Name (for the purpose of Background Checks and Verification certificates) and contact details, that are not provided by Microsoft or Google.

Enter your existing username in the login screen, and select ‘Continue with Google’ or ‘Continue with Microsoft’ where you will be prompted to enter your Microsoft or Google account password to turn on WorkPro’s Single Sign On (SSO) function.

Once SSO is turned on, next time you login to WorkPro you can select ‘Continue with Google’ or ‘Continue with Microsoft’ instead of entering your username and password.