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How to: apply for shifts

Applying for shifts is super easy.

When you open your Runner App, you’ll be automatically directed to the ‘Browse’ page. This page has two tabs – click on the right tab labelled ‘Shifts’.


Click on any shift – for the sake of this article we’ve clicked on the top one – and you’ll be taken to another page with more information about the shift (there’s a map at the top of the page, but it had to be cropped out for the screenshot).

If you like what you see, click on ‘Apply’ down the bottom. You’ll then be prompted to make sure you wish to continue.


Once you’ve read the Terms and Conditions and clicked ‘Yes’, you’ll then be shown a similar screen to the second screenshot.


Importantly, this page will now display the ‘Application status’. At first, when you apply for a shift, it will say ‘Pending’.



Click on the ‘My jobs’ page. Here you can see all the jobs you’ve applied for.


‘Approved’ means you have been assigned the Shift and you should re-check the details of the Shift including the start time.’

‘Pending’ means that the Shift has not been assigned to any Runners yet and is still open.

‘Waiting list’ means that another Runner has been approved for the job in front of you, but if that approved Runner, for any reason, cancels the job, you are first on the waiting list and next in line to be assigned to it. If that happens, your status will change to ‘Approved’. So keep your availability open.