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How to: cancel a Shift

Sometimes after applying for a Shift something comes up and you need to cancel. In order to let us know (hopefully as early as possible) just open the Shift you can no longer fulfill, scroll down and click on the ‘Cancel’ button (in red, on the right hand side). 

Then enter the reason why you can no longer do this shift. For example, ‘sick’, ‘car broke down’, ‘other commitment’, etc.

 Please note if you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of your shift a cancellation fee will apply automatically.

If you are sick or your car broke down please make sure to send us a medical certificate or a car repair invoice to support@gopeople.com.au so we can look into waiving the cancellation fee -if you were charge one in the first place.

Once you’ve cancelled your Shift you should see the following message: