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How to GoSHIFT: BYO driver payment calculation

If you are using BYO drivers to make deliveries, here is how to easily calculate the payments for them.

Create a payment rule

Go to Settings -> GoSHIFT BYO payment rules


You can choose to use one single rate or multiple rates. When a rate is set to be $0, it will not be considered for calculation.

e.g. If you would like to pay your driver by items only, you can enter the item rate and leave the other fields blank.

You can also set up multiple rules.


Set up the payment rule for a driver

Go to "BYO drivers" from the left navigation, choose the driver that you wish to set the rule. On the popup, you can choose the driver payment rule. If the driver does not have any payment rule, the default payment rule will automatically be applied.


Generate payment reports

On the top of BYO drivers page. Click the "Download BYO drivers report" button.


Select a date range.


A report in spreadsheet format will be generated.