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How to GoSHIFT: CBD levy

CBD levies apply to all 5 capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth). CBD levies are designed for car shift Runners to pay for parking while making CBD deliveries. CBD levies do not apply to van shifts. CBD levy charges are defined as below

  1. Minimum levy is $18.18 ex GST, which covers up to 4 CBD drop-offs
  2. Every additional CBD drop-off is charged for $4.54 ex GST
  3. Maximum levy is $45.45 ex GST

If a normal car shift (without CBD) is booked, and the Runner was given CBD jobs, Runner has the right to reject the CBD jobs, or accept the CBD jobs with automatic payments based on the above calculations.

If a CBD car shift is booked, and the Runner was not given any CBD jobs, the Runner is still entitled to the minimum CBD levy.

CBD postcodes in each state:

  • NSW: 2000
  • VIC: 3000, 3006, 3008
  • QLD: 4000
  • SA: 5000, 5006
  • WA: 6000, 6004, 6005