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How to GoSHIFT: Mark a Run as "Finalized"

GoSHIFT service is a platform that connects drivers with businesses. The popularity of a shift depends on many factors. From time to time, there may not be enough Runners applying for your shift. This could happen! But do not worry, we have ways to manage it!

One of the most successful ways is to publish a run on the platform. A lot of times, Runners do not apply for the shifts because they are unsure where the jobs may be going. Publishing the run with the exact jobs will allow the Runners to review the details and make a quicker decision. 

In order to do so and save confusion, the run needs to be "Finalized", which means no more changes can be made to the run before it is published. Once you are certain, this is the case, you can simply go to the “Assign runs” popup.


Find the run and click on the "Run is finalized" checkbox.


By doing so, it will allow the system to publish the run to get you the driver more quickly.

Of course, if you realise that there is a mistake with the run, you can untick the checkbox to make further changes as long as the run has not been assigned to a Runner.