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How to GoSHIFT: set your own hourly rates?

GoSHIFT is a service that allows senders to hourly hire a driver with a vehicle. Senders are able to set their own desired hourly rate based on their business requirements.

There is a recommended hourly rate which we think is a fair amount to find drivers. This rate may vary from time to time depending on demands and supplies. You can set your own hourly rates if you wish to offer the drivers at a higher amount. Please note you can only set your hourly rates higher than the recommended rates, which we believe are the lowest rates the platform can secure drivers at.

This article explains how you can set the hourly rates.

Set the hourly rates when creating a Shift or hiring Runners

You can set the hourly when creating a Shift or at the Runner hiring page after the shift is created.

On the Hire Runners step, click on the ‘Set my hourly rates’ link.


Click on the +/- buttons to adjust your hourly rates. Or enter the exact hourly you wish to pay. You also tick the ‘Save my hourly rates’ for future use.


Update hourly rates

From time to time, you may find the set rates are not attractive enough to get the drivers you need. You have the option to increase the hourly rates. Please note, you can only increase the rates more than the originally set rates.

Go into the Edit Shift popup, and click on the ‘Set my hourly rates’ link


Click on the +/- buttons to adjust your hourly rates. Or enter the exact hourly you wish to pay. 



How much will the Runner receive? 

Go People take a 15% platform fee from your paid hourly rate. Runner receives the remaining 85%. E.g. If you set the new hourly rate as $30/hr, Runners will receive $25.50/hr.

Can my hourly rates be lower than the recommended hourly rate? 

No. Your hourly rate must be equal to or higher than the recommended hourly rate. The recommended hourly rate is the lowest rates we think to get your the drivers needed. The recommended hourly rates may vary during the busy seasons, e.g. December, Valentine's day, and etc. 

Can I set up different hourly rates for different Runners? 

All Runners within the same shift share the same hourly rates. If you wish to offer a different hourly rate for a particular Runner, you can create a new shift with a better rate and invite your desired Runner to apply.