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How to: keep your GPS always on

When delivering, GoPeople needs to track you at all times. To track you, this means you've got to make sure your GPS is turned on. 

Importantly, GPS is used to determine how long you've been in one location, if you're on time (or running early or late) and whether you've followed your route.

So if you wish to raise a Dispute (such as a Waiting Fee or EWT accuracy), you need to have your locations services turned on so we can investigate.

GPS is also used to give you jobs that are closer to you or your home.

If you don't have your GPS on, you might not be able to see any jobs on the 'Jobs' screen on the app.

Apple Users

Go into 'Settings', and then 'Privacy', and switch 'Location Services' on. Make sure it's also switched on for the GoPeople app. Like so:


Alternatively, you can go into 'Settings', select the 'GoPeople' app and make sure 'Location' is always turned. (Also, while we're here, make sure your camera can use the GoPeople app too).


For any further questions, read this article or contact Apple Support.

Android Users

Turning GPS can be done in two ways on an Android phone.

First of all, you turn on your 'Location' by tapping the icon in your notification bar. Depending on the phone, yours will look like this:


The second way is by going into 'Settings', and turning your GPS on ('Location' is found under 'Personal').

For more information, read this article or contact your phone manufacturer's support team.