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How to: make deliveries with Alcohol

While you are not required to hold an RSA to deliver alcohol, you must still abide by the responsible service of alcohol (RSA) in a delivery context. Hefty fines apply for providing alcohol to a minor, an intoxicated person or leaving on the premises unsupervised (including to the person delivering the product).  

  • Do not deliver alcohol to anyone under the age of 18
  • Do not deliver alcohol without a valid photo ID if the recipient looks under 25 years of age. Below are some acceptable forms of ID (all forms of ID must be valid)
    • Australian Driver’s Licence or International equivalent
    • Australian Learner Permit
    • Proof of Age Card
    • Passport
    • Photo Card
  • Do not drop-off alcohol unattended (even with ATL or if you find it in a safe area)
  • Do not drop-off goods containing alcohol to anyone who appears intoxicated Below are some signs to recognise the symptoms of intoxication:

So in brief, if the Recipient either cannot provide a photo ID, provides a fake ID, is underage, appears intoxicated or is not at home, you should refuse to leave the alcohol and by law are required to return it to the Sender.

The Runner and the Sender (or the liquor licence holder) can both be held responsible if there are any breaches in legislation and considerable fines may apply if either cannot show that they were unaware an offence was committed.

As a tip for our Runners when delivering alcohol if the person looks under 25, we recommend taking a photo of the ID.

If you are unsure or require more information on delivering goods containing alcohol, please contact GoPeople on 1300 416 722.

As a tip for our Runners when delivering alcohol products, we recommend taking a picture of the products as well as the ID, if the person is under 25.

For more information on delivering restricted products, please contact GoPeople on 1300 416 722.