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How to: manage returns

Sometimes deliveries cannot be completed. (No one’s home, it’s not safe to leave, the patient has been discharged, and there’s no contact number etc.) In this case, you need to inform GoPeople or the Sender as soon as possible. Ideally, inform us in the comment section of the job, so there is a written record of it.

You can also request a return in your App (once and only once it’s approved by the Sender). Go to the Comment section where you see the:


and click on ‘Return’:


Add an additional comment for example, “Not safe to leave” to provide the Sender with a written record of the reason. Once the Return is booked, you have until noon (12pm) the next (business) day to return it. Do not close the job until it has been Returned. When you Return the goods to the Sender, make sure you have them sign off the goods, as you would a regular delivery.

Please note if you have a Shift with the Sender the next day, you will only need to Return it when you go for your pick-up. In this case, the return is free, since you are returning at the pick-up location anyway.

If you haven’t got a Shift with the Sender, then we will book a Standard Return (which is 100% of the On-Demand price). In this case, it’s mandatory you return it by noon the next day. In the meantime, please make sure you take good care of the goods, especially if they’re flowers don’t just let them to die in your car.