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How to: return a delivery to the Sender

If you've been unable to successfully deliver an item, and the Sender wishes to have it returned, this is what you should do. 

NOTE: If you are unable to return an item, and have a valid reason, please inform GoPeople
  1. The Sender wants the item to be returned.
  2. You can either request a return (see below) and the Sender or GoPeople Admin can approve it. Or the Sender or GoPeople Admin can book the return for you.
  3. You then must return the item as soon as possible, or at the latest, by noon the following day (if possible, let GoPeople know your estimated return time by updating your ETA).
  4. Once you've arrived back at the Sender's store, go through the same steps as you do when normally delivering an item.
  5. Ask for the staff name to who you handle the item and take a POD after it returns. Without POD and leaving the job open will delay your payment.

That's the process you must follow when delivering an item.

How To: Request A Return

Click on the comments section of the job - the speech bubbles in the top right.


The Sender or GoPeople Admin will then approve (or decline) your request.