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How to Squarespace: Sync orders from Squarespace via the Go People plugin

Before we start, you would have got the Squarespace plugin successfully installed. Here is how if you have not done so. 

How to Squarespace: install the Go People Squarespace plugin

Once the Squarespace Plugin has been installed and set up correctly. "Go People delivery" option will be available on the checkout page. 

Syncing orders automatically

  1. Click on settings from the left navigation of Go People the dashboard and click on Shopping Cart Integrations.
  2. Click on the Squarespace icon. 
  3. In the Squarespace Integration page, check the ‘Auto pull orders from Squarespace’ tick box, and choose how often you wish to sync your orders.
  4. Your orders will be synced automatically and displayed on the “Orders from carts” page in the Go People dashboard. You can then choose a service to book the jobs into from there. 
squarespace integration

Please note: when orders are booked into Go People services, by default it will NOT update the order status in Squarespace. If you would like to update the status as “Fulfilled” after jobs are booked in a Go People service, please check the “Auto fulfil Shopify orders after booking.” box.

Syncing orders manually

  1. In the Go People dashbaord, click on ‘Orders From Carts’ from the left navigation.
  2. Click on the ‘Sync squarespace orders’ button. This will pull your orders from Squarespace.
orders from carts