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How to: taking a photo for proof of delivery (POD)

Runners have to take a photo as Proof of Delivery (POD) if the recipient isn't present and the parcel hasn't been claimed by anyone else.

These photos, if instructed to take them, must be good enough for GoPeople. Basically, they're used by GoPeople to prove to Senders and Recipients that the parcel has been successfully delivered.

Here's a quick guide to help you understand when to take a photo, and how to take a photo.

How To: Take A Photo For POD

First of all: take care when taking a photo of a Recipient's residence or workplace. These photos contain sensitive and personal information of the Recipient and certainly DO NOT take a photo with the recipient or of the Recipient's face.

Up to 3 photos are required as proof of delivery.

  • A photo with the package showing the label (Readable), confirming that you are delivering the correct item.
  • A photo with the address's house/door/street number confirms that you are at the right location.
  • If the package has ATL - a photo with the item showing where you left it confirms that it is a safe place to leave.

Some examples of well-taken photos:


 Here is the YouTube link shows how to drop off a job: