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How to transfer a shift?

To transfer a Shift to another Runner, you both need to be the same Mates group. What is Mates?

You can only transfer a Shift to another Runner at least 30 minutes before the Shift starts. If you miss the cut-off, you will have to cancel it.

In order to avoid any issues transfering shifts, please make sure the details of Shift are clearly communicated to the Runner you are transferring to including shift starting time and Sender's requirements, as well as the Shift Runner Service Terms and Conditions. They only have 5 mins to accept the transfer request. Give them a call whenever necessary.

To start a transfer, go into the Shift details page, click on "Actions..." and then "Transfer"

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 You can select a Runner from your Mates group to transfer to. He/Shewill receive a notification in their App Inbox. They have 5 minutes to accept the transfer request. If he/she fails to accept the transfer, you are still responsible for this Shift.


You will receive a notification of the decsion whether or not he/she has accepted the transfer.

Once accepted, the new Runner will be fully responsible for the shift including all penalnities as well as benefits.