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How to: withdraw money from your GoPeople account

Withdrawing money from your GoPeople Account is rather straightforward. However, there are a few conditions when it comes to processing withdrawals. Before that, here are the basic steps to withdrawing money. Open your Runners’ App and then press on the highest tab (which displays the current account balance), then click on withdraw.


Then select how much you want to withdraw, and to what bank account.

Press submit, and you’re done! Your request to withdraw money will now appear as pending.




GoPeople processes requests twice a week – on Monday and on Thursday. Only one request, per person, per day, is processed. All processing takes place during business hours (9am-5pm), and you’ll receive your request at midnight.

This means that if a Runner has two (2) withdrawal requests pending, one (1) will be processed on Monday, and the other on (1) Thursday.

In other words, say a Runner makes a two requests to withdraw $100 on a Sunday. The Runner will receive one request (or $100) on the Monday, and then will receive the second request on the Thursday.

If a Runner wishes to receive the $200 in one go, the solution to that is easy – simply remove both pending requests and make a new request for $200. The Runner will then receive that money on the next Monday or Thursday, whatever day comes first.



If a Runner has a job or several jobs currently in dispute, GoPeople will hold back a bond of $100 when withdrawing. This means that if a Runner has $500 in their account, the maximum they can withdraw is $400.

Once the dispute has been resolved, and any fees or fines have been deducted from the Runner’s account (if applicable), the bond will be released. This means Runners can return to withdrawing any amount of money they please.


Money will appear in a Runner’s bank account only when deliveries have been completed. Once the delivery has been officially completed, the Runner’s award will appear almost instantly in their account.


Wrong withdrawal requests will result in a $3 bank fee per withdraw request.