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How to GoSHIFT: manage a return request

When a delivery cannot be made and it does not have ATL (Authority to leave), the Runner is planned to return to the store/depot by the end of the run, this article explains how a return request can be handled when it happens.

First of all, if you usually expect returns to occur, we recommend you ticking the "Return to store" option when creating the shift. This will allow the algorithm to set the origin as the last destination when planning the run.

If this wasn't done, and a job needs to be returned, Runner will initiate a "Return request" on their delivery App. You will start seeing the requests on the "Jobs -> List" page from the left nav.

Click on the "eye" icon right the right hand side of a job to view details, scroll to the bottom of the right hand panel and you will see a "Manage request" button.

You can then choose the option you wish to proceed with and make payments where necessary.