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Photo ID verification of Runners

Runners must provide Photo IDs at registration. All verifications are processed manually by the Support team. 

Runners are required to place their photo IDs next to their faces to prove the ownership of the ID. Here's an example photo, edited to maintain the Runner's privacy:

If any important details are found on the reverse side of the licence, please provide an picture and send it to support@gopeople.com.au.

How do I upload my photo ID?

Once you have taken a photo of your ID correctly, check it to make sure you can read all the details (especially the expiry date). If not, retake the photo until you can read all the details clearly. (If you can’t read them, then we can’t either!) When you are confident you can, then upload it to be verified.

What If My Licence Isn't In English?

If we aren’t able to understand the details you will need to send us an email to support@gopeople.com.au with the 2 following attachments:
- a photo of both your face AND your foreign document (still needs to be clear)
- a scan of a certified translation of your driving licence. 

Runners are also required to upload their vehicle details (type, model, etc) at registration.