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Roaming Shift FAQ

What are roaming shifts?

A roaming shift is a shift managed by GoPeople not by a specific Sender. During such shifts, there are usually multiple pick-ups from different Senders and multiple drop-offs to customers. 

How many pick-ups will there be during a Roaming shift?

It depends on the locations of the jobs. Jobs are calculated based on EWT (Estimated Work Time). Statistically, there are usually between 1 and 4 pick-ups per run.

Where should I wait at the start of a Roaming Shift?

On the Shift description page of your Runner App, there is usually a location for you to start. Please be there by the shift start time. The start location is usually one of the most frequent Sendersโ€™ store locations in the area. Do not go into the store if you have not received your run. It is different to a normal Shift. It is possible that there may not be any jobs on certain days from that Sender.

What happens if there are no Jobs at my starting point?

Please follow the route indicated on the App and move on to the next pick-up location. The travelling distance and time from your starting point will be calculated into the final EWT and you will get paid for that. You can always check the shift report for more details.