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Runner Merit Points System (information for Senders)

Similar to Sender's own option of rewarding Runners by adding to their “Favourite’ list and excluding by adding to their “Blacklist’ list if they underperform, The Runner Merit Scheme is a program introduced by Go People to encourage better and more responsible Runners. Merit points provide a strong motivation to learn the Rules, follow Senders’ requirements and become a Better Runner. 

How does it work?

Every Runner starts off with 12 merit points. When a Runner commits an offence, they lose points - so if a Runner doesn’t show up to their Job or Shift, the Runner will lose 6 points. The offence and points lost are recorded on the Runner’s profile, which they can find in the Runners' App.

When a Runner has lost all their points, they are suspended from working with Go People for 2 months. For a major offence, it could be indefinitely. A Runner gets all points back 12 months after losing them. So if they lose 3 points in June 2018, they will get those 3 points back in June 2019.

Go People administers the Merit Scheme, and every case is subject to review and appeal if requested by Runner. No correspondence will be entered into and Go People’s decision will be final.

Merit Scheme Offences and Explanation

Cancellation Offences Cancel an assigned Job or Shift within 4 working hours

Contact Offences Unreachable on the job for 30 mins or more including GPS, phone battery failure and making contact with a Sender not regarding a Job

Delivery Offences Failure to pick up correct items arrive on time, drop off on time, return on time or arrive with the correct equipment.

Dress Code Offences Wearing inappropriate clothing including thongs, singlets, track pants and board shorts

Vehicle Offences Breakdowns, untidiness, incorrect sized vehicles for Jobs and smoking

Major Offences More serious offences may result in immediate temporary or permanent suspension