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Runner work health & safety

How to avoid injuries while on the job

GoPeople would like to remind every Runner that by running their own business it is their own responsibility to adopt proper Work Health and Safety (WHS) practices. Here are a few tips to assist in the prevention of your own injury or illness.

  1. Keep your eyes on the road. When you are driving, you should be doing just that and nothing else. Road accidents are by far the major cause of injury and death among couriers. You can minimise this by:
    1. keeping to the speed limit and following the road rules at all times
    2. using a bluetooth, handsfree or cradle device for your phone (use may be restricted, check the laws in your state)
    3. using a navigation system (use may be restricted, check the laws in your State)
    4. only taking the number of jobs which you can complete on time
    5. not overloading your vehicle
  2. Avoid driver fatigue by staying alert and taking regular breaks.
  3. Find a safe place to park before you stop.
  4. Wear a High Visibility Vest. Couriers have been killed or seriously injured while loading, unloading, picking up or dropping off goods.
  5. Adopt a proper seating posture while driving your vehicle. Ensuring your vehicle is set up correctly can help avoid back and neck strain, prevent accidents and improve safety (should an accident occur). Here is a helpful article about Finding Your Optimal Driving Position from NRMA. It includes a short vide
  6. Use correct manual handling practices. Most injuries occur as a result of poor manual handling techniques - slips, trips and falls and being injured during loading/unloading heavy goods. Here is a link to SafeWork NSW which applies to independent contractors as well. It explains how to avoid injuries while doing manual tasks. It includes a short video.

So here is a brief outline and guide for your own safety on the job:

  1. Ensure you adopt good health and safety practices
  2. Identify appropriate measures to avoid or eliminate unsafe practices
  3. Assume personal responsibility for your own safety by always operating in a safe and appropriate manner