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Shift Review

At the completion of a Shift, you have the opportunity to give a Shift Review. You have the option of leaving a rating and giving an explanation. This is to help make the Shift and Run work better for you next time. Don’t worry the Sender won’t see your review - it is for Admin only. Do not leave any comments about payment here as the Shift review is for operational purposes only.

This is what the ratings mean:

5  Perfect. Everything went right: The pick-up and drop-off process went smoothly.

4  Good. There were some returns or the Shift was long, but it went very well. 

3  OK. I didn’t like one or two things about this Shift, but they were only minor.

2  Bad. Too many jobs or the routing didn’t make sense or the pick-up was very hard.

1 Terrible. Everything went wrong: Jobs not ready, addresses incorrect, EWT inaccurate, not notified it was a return shift, routing confusing or too many jobs.

If you leave a rating of 2 or below we would appreciate an explanation so we can understand the reason behind your rating. If you don’t tell us, we can’t guess it!

Here are some areas to comment on which will help us to improve the process for you: 

Routing issues

If the delivery time is accurate (AWT differs from EWT)

Pick-up delays from the customer

Here are areas to comment on which won’t help us to improve the process for you: 

General comments about how you feel

Payment issues (send us an email to support@gopeople.com.au so we can sort it out or click the "Payment issue" button)