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Subscribing to your areas

Did you know you can select the suburbs you'd prefer to work in?

Once you have selected your preferred areas, you will have a better chance to be sent jobs that have pick-ups or drop-offs in that area.

So here's how you choose the areas you wish to subscribe to:

Go into the 'Account' section of the Runner's App, and click on 'My areas'


Then, start entering your suburbs. Here we have just entered a few suburbs around GoPeople HQ:


Alternatively, you can click on the map icon on the top right. This will open a map, and by click on the icon on the bottom right, you can then draw your preferred area on the map! If you're really keen, you can even circle the entire city.


Once you've finished drawing, you'll then be returned to the screen you were at before, with all the suburbs within that area entered.


That's it. You're done selecting your areas.