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Take button logics

Next to your 'Take' button, you will see a number. This Knowledge Base article will explain what your number means, and how it may increase or decrease. 

What is the default number of Takes?

The default number of 'Takes' for new Runners is 2. If you had signed up as Runner before November 2017, the amount of Takes depends on how good of a Runner you are.

What does the number mean?

The number in your 'Take' button, is the number of jobs you can Take at a time.

If, for example, you take a job with a single pick-up and a single drop-off, you will have 1 Take removed from your number of Takes.

How do I get more Takes?

You can get more Takes inย 2ย ways.

  1. Successfully completing more jobs on time.
  2. Getting and keeping a good rating from Senders

Can I lose the Take button?

You can lose the Take button if:

  1. your late rate is above 5%. To get the button back, you need to get your late rate back to be below 5%.
  2. you receive a negative review. To get the button back, you need to receive 10 positive reviews in a row for every negative review you received.