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Tips for business deliveries - including CBD

The business is closed but it is before 5pm

If this happens, it is very important that you make contact before deciding what to do next. The Recipient may want you to re-deliver it elsewhere but if the Sender (who booked and paid for the delivery through GoPeople) doesn’t approve it, you may not get paid for it. So please make sure you do the right thing by following some simple rules:

  1. Contact Sender, explaining the business is already closed and ask what they would like you to do.
  2. If they request you to re-deliver to a new address, have it re-delivered later, or have it returned make sure to either click on the redeliver, return button or leave a comment so GoPeople admin can organise it and add a redelivery or return fee if need be.

How do I drop-off in the CBD

We do not pay for parking, tolls (excludes NSW) or fines. Most CBD buildings have loading docks that you can use without paying. However, if you have a van, truck or ute you may be able to park in loading zones for 15 to 30 minutes maximum. See our Loading Zones article for more info.

I cannot gain access to the business

You are on location but are unable to access the Recipient (security access required, not on location, etc.)

  • Try calling Recipient
  • Try to locate a Reception area or a mailroom you can deliver to. Get the full name of the person receiving the goods and get a POD. Leave a comment once it’s done so Sender and Admin are aware and can let the Recipient know.
  • Try googling the business to find the company number to see if someone can help you gain access.
  • If all of the above is unsuccessful contact Sender and ask them what to do.
  • If all the above is unsuccessful contact Admin.