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Tips for hospital deliveries

Delivering to a hospital can sometimes be a difficult experience. So here are a few tips to help you make deliveries easier. 

Hospital Deliveries Automatically Have Extra EWT

When Sender books a hospital delivery, our routing algorithm will give you extra time to complete your delivery or deliveries. In most cases, you'll have 15 minutes extra, and another 5 minutes for every separate delivery after that.

I Can't Find A Park

Most hospitals will have a Patient Drop-off Zone car park, a space close by to the entrance with lots of spaces for temporary parking. So, when undertaking a hospital delivery, look out for such an area.

If you're having trouble finding a carpark, another option is to Google search the hospital to see if they have anything on their website (like a map or instructions) showing where you can park.

If you really can't find a park close by to the hospital, please leave us a note saying so. The delivery still needs to be completed, so in this case, we'd recommend parking as close as you can, even if it's a few blocks away, and walking the delivery into the hospital.

What If The Patient Has Been Discharged?

Sometimes, the Recipient is discharged (told they can leave) from the hospital, but neither GoPeople nor the Sender has been informed. That means you've arrived at the hospital, and have no one to deliver to!

If this happens, first make sure that the patient has been discharged. Then, leave a comment in the job's details, and ring the Sender to see what they'd like to do with the delivery. The Sender will then decide if they wish to have the delivery Returned or Redelivered.