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Tips for residential deliveries

The Recipient Is Not Home Nor Picking Up My Calls

Firstly please check in the “Notes” section of the job details, and look for “Authorisation to Leave” (ATL). If there is ATL simply leave the goods in a safe spot and take a photo as Proof of Delivery (POD).

If there isn’t any ATL, please call the Sender and/or Recipient, asking them what to do. If they do not pick up, you can contact Go People Support on 1300 416 722 or leave a comment in the “Comments” area of the job. Go People Admin will be able to see comments, make suggestions and help you out.

It’s a Secure Building And Recipient Does Not Answer The Intercom

There is a little trick that a lot of Runners find helpful, you could try to ring the neighbours on the intercom and explain that you have a delivery for the correct unit number. A lot of times, you will find out yourself passing the security this way. Still no luck? Please call Sender and/or Recipient and ask them if they want it to be re-delivered or returned. Please make a note in the comments section, so a re-delivery fee or a return fee can be calculated where applicable.