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Tips on delivering delicate products

We would like to highlight the importance of keeping perishable items as fresh as possible while on route from pick-up to drop-off. 


Flowers need to travel in the front or back seat of your car and stay in a fresh environment so make sure you leave the aircon ON at all times during deliveries. The longer the flowers stay in your car the more the risk of spoilage, so please do not place flowers in your boot because, with the heat, they will die (or wilt) very quickly. Don’t leave them close to the aircon vents either as they may also dry out.

Keep some type of buckets or trays with a little water bottle or a pillow/cushion to keep flowers upright and a spray bottle so you can spray the flowers to keep them in the best condition possible during transit.

Food - Cakes, Chocolates, Ice Creams and Doughnuts

Follow the instructions provided to you at pick-up. When delivering any food items always keep boxes flat. Don’t stack on top of each other. Do not tip them over or roll from side to side. Food needs to travel in the front or back seat of your car and stay in a fresh environment.

Comply with Food Handling and Safety Compliance:

Handling and Protection From Contamination

  1. Ensure all food is packed well and unopened - never open packed food.
  2. Never in any circumstance touch open food
  3. No coughing or sneezing over food packages

Temperature Control

  1. Chilled food and hot food must always be kept in the same conditions
  2. If possible carry food in an insulated thermal bag to maintain temperature control
  3. Limit transport time as much as possible

What To Do

  1. Deliver hot or cold food as fast as possible
  2. Use common sense
  3. Keep your hands clean
  4. During the pick-up, make sure the order is well packed
  5. During the transportation be careful not to spill the food and place it, if possible, inside the thermal bag

What Authority to Leave (ATL) means with perishable items:

Take a photo if no one is home and leave only if safe - that is out of sun, wind and rain and away from street view. To prevent damage when dropped off, keep flowers upright so they do not get squashed and don’t leave food on the ground as the ants will eat it!