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What are Shifts?

Shifts are a feature of GoPeople's GoSHIFT service. With this service, GoPeople offers Senders the option to hire a Runner for several hours at a time, to complete any and all jobs assigned to the Runner.

The main benefits of shifts to Runners, are that they offer Runners more hours as well as more regular and stable work. This makes them popular amongst Runners - so apply for them early!

What Happens During A Shift?

Once a Sender has booked a shift with GoPeople, we will publish the shift to our Runners. Senders have until 15 minutes before the start of their shift to upload all their jobs. Our system will then take a few minutes to group them and they will then be pushed to the Shift Runner.

The Shift Runner will then receive information concerning the destination of the delivery (or deliveries), the type (or types) of the parcel they will be delivered, any further instructions that a Sender may have for the Runner, and most importantly, the routing.

Also, during a Shift, a Runner usually only works with one Sender, which means that there's usually only one pick-up location.

What's Routing?

Routing is a fancy word that means telling a Runner where they're going and how they're going to get there, and how long it should take.

At GoPeople, we do all the routing in our office, which means Runners won't have to worry about which road to take to get to their destination. In the case that a Runner has to deliver to several addresses in a row, GoPeople will give you a route that will get you to all those addresses and back to the Sender.

All the routing information will be sent through to your phone.

How Do I Qualify For A Shift?

Any Runner, new or experienced. The more experience you have, the more likely you are to be allocated to a Shift. Make sure to read our delivery guidelines and our Pick Up Process Training Video and Drop Off Process Training Video to understand how to do your job in the best way possible!

If a Shift is assigned to a first time Runner, we will make sure to call them to see if they understand how GoPeople works. If that isn’t the case, we’ll reassign the Shift to someone else.

Very Important Dos And Don'ts:

  1. Turn up to your Shift on time! Senders pay according to the EWT, so if you take longer than EWT, you won't get paid extra.
  2. Jobs are assigned to Runners at the start of their Shift. If you don't see any jobs when your Shift starts, please contact us immediately.
  3. Use the routing we give you. It has been specifically designed to get Runners to their location(s) on time. If it says it'll take 3 hours, we've told the Senders it will take 3 hours.
  4. As with everything, at GoPeople we understand that sometimes things can go wrong. A Runner's vehicle may break down; a Runner may have an accident or a parcel get damaged during delivery. If anything goes wrong like this, please contact us immediately.
  5. Buckets, waxed boxes or tubs are usually helpful with handling floral deliveries.
  6. Have a charging cable on hand so your phone doesn't run out of battery during your Shift

To find out how to apply for Shifts, click here.