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What makes a good GoPeople Runner?


  • Acts in a friendly, professional manner to Senders/Recipients
  • Understands that they’re a contractor, not an employee 
  • Has a good understanding of the Knowledge Base


  • Wears correct attire, especially shoes
  • Is able to solve simple problems (eg difficult to find the address) by themselves
  • Has their own delivery gear (eg trolley, bucket, cooler bag)
  • Complies with Senders’ Special Requirements 


  • Obtains the correct method of POD
  • Understands what ATL means
  • Takes care of fragile items
  • Cancels with notice


  • Contacts Sender/Recipient/Admin to notify delivery issues
  • Always available to contact
  • Has good conversational/written English
  • Reads all work-related communication
  • Profile description about self/vehicle accurate


  • Can be counted on and trusted to complete the job as required
  • Arrives at pick-up on time
  • Drops off on time for all Jobs and Shifts
  • Low cancellation rate - i.e. applies only for Shifts that they can do