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Q: When does the rebate model start?

A: From 01/10/2018.

Q: Does the rebate model also applies to GoNOW and GoSHIFT services?

A: No, this rebate model only applies for GoSAMEDAY.

Q: I have booked more than 5 jobs, but in the different cut-off, will I receive my rebate?

A: No. Your jobs need to be at the same cut-off to receive the rebate. e.g. If you booked 2 jobs at 10 AM cut-off and 3 jobs at 11 AM cut-off, you will not receive the rebate. GoPeople suggests you book all the 5 jobs at 11 AM cut-off to receive the rebate.

Q: When will I receive my rebate?

A: The rebate will be paid the following day.

Q: How will I receive my rebate?

A: The rebate will be paid per delivery. For example, if the cost of one delivery is $9.95 and the rebate rate is 10%. $1.00 will be refunded to your GoPeople account for this delivery. If you have 5 deliveries, 5 individual transactions will be generated for each delivery.

Q: The rebate includes GST or excludes GST?

A: The rebate is GST inclusive.

Q: Does the rebate include return and redelivery fees?

A: No, return and redelivery fees are not included.

Q: Where can I check my current rebate progress and history?

A: Your current rebate progress and history can be accessed from the GoSAMEDAY Rebate section on the dashboard and the GoSAMEDAY page. Please click the date tiles to see more details.


Q: Do the number of deliveries include cancelled deliveries?

A: No, the cancelled deliveries won’t be included.

Q: Are the number of deliveries affected by returns / redeliveries in the next business day?

A: No, a delivery required to be returned the next business day or redelivered to a new address is counted as a single delivery. E.g. a delivery on Monday is required to be returned on Tuesday - it will still be included in Monday’s number of deliveries.

Q: Can I move deliveries to another time frame?

A: No. However, if the deliveries haven’t been assigned to a Runner yet, you can cancel it, without a cancellation fee and book them in a new time frame.