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How to: add multiple contacts to a delivery address

Each can have up to 3 contacts for a drop-off address. All 3 contacts can be optin in for receiving tracking communications via mobile or email. There are 3 ways to manage it when adding new jobs. 

Option 1: add a single job 

When you book a sign job, the easiest is to use the portal to add a job by following the steps. When you get to the "Drop off" step, you can click on the "Add contact" button to add more contacts. Click the "Remove" button to remove it.


Option 2: add multiple jobs via spreadsheet

If you have multiple jobs to book, the easiest way is to use the "Bulk upload" feature via a spreadsheet. Click here to download the spreadsheet template. 

To have multiple contacts for a single job via the spreadsheet upload, you just need to add an additional directly below the full job row with only "Contact", "Phone", "Send SMS" and "Email" columns filled. See the below example.


Option 3: add a job via the Shopping Cart plugin

Please note, that this feature is supported with Shopify integration ONLY at this stage.

Each Shopify order has a "Shipping address" and a "Billing address". The "Shipping address" is the default address and contact information getting synced across. When the contact details in the "Billing address" is identified to be different to the "Shipping address", it will be synced across as the secondary contact of the order.

How to check and update contact details

All contact details will be displayed on the job details popup page. If you wish to make an update, you only need to click the "Update address" button at the bottom of that popup.