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How to: book jobs from Shopping Cart order list

Once you are logged into the Go People dashboard, please navigate to "Orders from Carts" page from the left navigation menus. All the orders synced from your shopping cart will be displayed on this page. 

Please note, the orders on the page haven't been booked as Jobs.

Fix addresses

  • Go People will compare the addresses with Google Maps and highlight any invalid addresses or addresses that could not be found.
  • Click 'Invalid Addresses' tab to filter out all the orders need to be fixed.
  • Click the 'Edit drop off address' button and enter a accurate address.

Place orders

  • Once the orders are ready to ship, select them from the order list.
  • Click on 'Book' drop-down list, and choose the service you would like to book.
  • Follow the steps in the popup window and place the orders.