How to: connect multiple online stores with GoPeople

2 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

If you have mutiple online shops, it is possible to connect them all with GoPeople at the same time. You can manage this together with the "Brands" management.

First of all, go into "Settings" and click on "Brands" if you have not setup your multiple brands for the different online stores.


You will notice a "Default brand" was automatically created when your account was initially setup. Use the default brand to connect your first online store. Setup a new brand for your second online store, and repeat it if you have more.


Follow the prompts to complete the secondary brand setups. 

Once done, go back to "Settings" and click on "Shopping cart integrations".


Select the brand that you wish to connect and choose the right online shop platform. 


Complete the installation and setups by following the KnowledgeBase articles based on the different platforms.

Shopify Integration: How to Shopify: install or uninstall the GoPeople Shopify plugin

WooCommerce Integration: How to WooCommerce: install or uninstall the GoPeople WooCommerce plugin

Square (SquareUp) Integration: How to Square (SquareUp): install or uninstall the GoPeople Shopify plugin

SquareSpace Integration: How to Squarespace: install the GoPeople Squarespace plugin

Neto (Maropost) Integration: How to NETO: install or uninstall the GoPeople Maropost plugin

Repeat the above for your secondary brands.

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