How to: find my billing and delivery history

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

There are two ways to find out your Billing or delivery history, and they both involve using the Members' Portal.  

1. Billing page

Click on "Settings" on the left nav. Click on the "Billing" button.

In "Billing", you'll find all the information you need.


You can also download this information as an invoice (click on the 'Invoice' tab).


2. Jobs page

Another way you can access your delivery history is by clicking on the 'Jobs' page, found on the menu on the left. 

The Jobs page will include information about all the jobs you've booked - future, present and past.

To access your delivery history, click on the 'Closed' tab.


This page will show similar information to the Billing page. However, only some of the information you need will be found here.

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