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How to NETO: install or uninstall the GoPeople Maropost plugin


To install the GoPeople Maropost (previously known as NETO) plugin, firstly you will need a GoPeople Sender account. If you do not have one yet, please register here: https://www.gopeople.com.au/register/

Once you are logged in click on "Settings" at the bottom left of the dashboard.


Click on Shopping Cart Integrations. Choose "Maropost".

Enter your Neto store URL and API Key. 


These can be found at your Neto store.


Make sure to tick "Enable Maropost API webhook".

Copy the webhook URL from GoPeople portal to Neto API settings "Maropost API webhook URL".


Go into Settings -> Neto Integration. If it is integrated succesfully, you should see a screen similar to below. Simply click on "Uninstall NETO Plugin".