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How to Shopify: display GoPeople option on the Shopify checkout page

Please note, this is only available if you have the “Third-party calculated shipping rates” feature enabled on your Shopify plan. By default, this feature is only available on the “Advanced Shopify” plan. However, if you happen to be on the “Basic Shopify” or the “Shopify” plans, please make contact with Shopify support. Often, they would agree to add it if you subscribe to the annualised plans. For more details, please visit Shopify pricing page.

Here are the steps to enable GoPeople on your Shopify check out page

  1. Log into GoPeople member's portal.
  2. Click on the settings at the bottom left of the dashboard.
  3. Click on “Shopping Cart Integrations”, then click on the Shopify Icon.

We support you to provide GoSAMEDAY and GoVIP quotes to customers. You can tick the boxes individually. 


In order to return GoSAMEDAY prices correctly, the pick-up location needs to match exactly one of your "Dispatch locations" within our system. We strongly suggest using the "Quote from the chosen dispatch location" option if you only have 1 location to dispatch. If you have multiple dispatching locations, select the "Quote from the Shopify store location" option.


Customize how things are displayed

To customize the shipping method name, you can update them via the “Shipping name” input box and click SAVE.


The shipping methods on the checkout page will then display the shipping name you have entered.


If you unchecked the options and SAVE, the option will disappear from the Shipping method list.

If you would like to return a flat rate to your customers, check the ‘Display a flat rate’ option, enter the shipping rate and click SAVE.

If you entered 0 in the flat-rate text box, free delivery will be offered. The checkout page will display the free delivery you decided on.