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How to: use a quick quote

"Quick Quote" is best for

  1. Getting quotes for GoSAMEDAY and GoVIP services based on suburbs 
  2. Finding out which service is available

The "Quick Quote" feature is located on the top of the dashboard. 


Enter the "Pick up suburb or postcode" and "Drop off suburb or postcode". It will then return you with all available services and their prices.


It will also show you

  • If GoSAMEDAY service is at Max Capacity for the quoted suburbs, which means you will not be able to make the book but look to book with a different service or a different cut-off time.
  • If it requires a dispatch location to be approved, which means you need to add an additional location to be eligible for booking the service. https://app.knowledgebase.ai/articles/edit/AXXyoscfSGu4WznxDi2r