Multiple Brands Communication Management

2 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

Are you managing different brands under your account? Do these brands require more easily identifiable customer communications, including SMS, email and live tracking? This Multiple Brand Management feature will be very helpful if you have these needs.

You can customize each brand's SMS, Email and Ultimate tracking page to deliver the best customer experience.

To set up a new Brand, firstly Log into your member portal, then "Settings" -> "Brands".


Under the Brands page, click the link below to add your first Band.


Enter the brand name and upload the logo in the brand edit popup.


The "Job filter" distinguishes jobs from one brand to another. You can either use the "IRN" (Internal reference number) field or the "Job title" field to manage this. Enter a keyword that is easily recognisable by everybody. The system will partially match the keyword from the matching field. E.g. If you use the IRN field and keyword "LP-" for brand "Loop", when a new job is booked, if the job's IRN is "LP-1245", the system will know this job belongs to brand Loop to send out communications under the brand Loop.

Once you finish adding the brand, you can start customizing the SMS, Email and Ultimate tracking page layout by following the buttons on the screen.


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