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Returns & re-deliveries

Sometimes, Senders wish for undelivered orders to be returned. A Return in this case means an order that it is handed back to the Sender.



If the delivery is a GoSAMEDAY or a GoVIP order, having a job Returned will incur a fee of 100% of the cheapest GoVIP fee. The Return fee will only apply if the reason for the return isn't the fault of the Runner.

If the delivery was during a GoSHIFT, no fee will be incurred if the same Runner is working for you the next day. We will simply ask them to bring the item with them, to the start of the next shift. If otherwise, a Return fee (100% of the cheapest GoVIP fee) will be incurred.

How To Book A Return

Mostly, Returns will be sorted out between you, the Runner and the Go People support team. We ask Runners to call you, in the case that a Recipient isn't at the drop-off location, and there's no Authority To Leave, to ask you what you'd like to do with the order.

In the case that you wish to send a Return request, here's how.

In the 'Jobs' section of the members' area, find your job. Let's Return to the second job. Click the arrow icon:


You'll then be notified of the Return fee, and prompted to finalise your request:


If you're happy to, click 'Continue' and you're all done. Any updates will be posted in the Notes section of the job.


For Re-deliveries, if the new delivery is less than 1km away it's free.

If not, the Re-delivery will have the same price as the cheapest GoVIP price, if it's the reason for Re-delivery is not the fault of the Runner.