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What is ATL (Authority to Leave)?

ATL is the short form of "Authority to Leave" which means that goods can be left at the drop-off location even if the recipient isn't present. Our Runners will find a safest possible location to leave them.

As a sender, you can set a job to have ATL in two ways within the member portal.

View individual job ATL status

  • Login to your member’s dashboard and go to the Job List.
  • Under the summary column, you will see if the job has ATL already. You can edit by clicking on the undefined�.
  • A pop-up window will appear showing the details of the job. You can edit the status of the ATL by clicking on undefined

Set ATL via Bulk Upload

When jobs are uploaded via bulk upload, please fill in "Y" for YES, "N" for NO in the "Authority to Leave" column.

Set ATL via Single Job Booking

Simply tick the “ATL” checkbox when booking the job 

Set all jobs to be ATL by default via Global Setting

You can set all deliveries to be ATL by default. Here is how

  • Login to your member’s dashboard and go to "Settings" then"General settings"
  • It will prompt you to the page indicated below. Check and uncheck the tick box for ATL