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Runner induction FAQ

To ensure we get the best Runners, when you sign up with Go People, we ask all potential Runners to complete a 6-step induction process. This article will give a basic outline about the process, as well as answering all commonly asked questions

1. Personal Information

This step is pretty simple.

First of all, up the top, we ask you upload a profile photo. We recommend uploading a selfie, although it doesn't have to be one. A photo of your face will help build trust between you and the Senders.

'Display name' is the name the Senders will see, so make sure it's professional and not something like KingKyle666. Senders won't see your first name and last name, only the Go People operations team.

If you can speak a language other than English, 'First Language', please let us know. Again, you don't have to, but if you did it would help both the Go People operations team - we have Hindi and Mandarin speakers, for instance - and it help you get more jobs!

The 'Living in' section is there to help us know where you live. If you can tell us, it can help the operations team give you jobs closer to home.

Finally, 'Tell us why you’ll be a great Runner'! Things you could tell us include what knowledge you have of the city, and if you’ve had any experience working as a driver or courier before (or what your favourite Star Wars movie is - if you say Empire Strikes Back, we know you're a good egg).

2. ABN information

In the next step, enter your ABN (make sure it’s valid – the one in this example isn’t a valid ABN). As Runners are contracting their services to Go People, this is an essential component in order to comply with ATO tax obligations.

Enter your name or company name. If you are a Sole Trader, please enter your full name.

Slide ‘Registered for GST’ if you are registered for GST.

If you do not have an ABN yet and are interested in getting one, or do not know whether you should be registered for GST, we have 2 articles about ABN and GST which can be helpful to you. 

3. Vehicle information

We need to know what type of vehicle you have so we can assign correct jobs to you. Information about the type of vehicle you have (hatchback, sedan, van, etc) and generally how big it is, can really help us.

You must include a photo of your vehicle.

4. Licence information

In this step, you must upload a picture of you holding your licence to prove that you are who you say you are.

Enter your licence number in the ‘Document number’ section and your expiry date, then upload your photo ID according to the instructions.

Your verification photo must clearly show:

  1. Your face
  2. Your name on your licence
  3. The expiry date on your licence
  4. The photo on your licence

5. Qualification Quiz

Make sure you read the Runner Knowledge Base and answer every question. You need 90% to pass!

There's not much else we can tell you. It's a quiz and it's super secret.

6. Book a Training Call

When you book a 30 minute call we will assess your skills and assign you demo jobs and go through how to pick-up and deliver a job and explain all those neat icons we use.

After you complete the training, we will review your application and decide if you’ll be ready to begin working with Go People.